This page was most recently updated on March 29, 2020

The following blocks of time are still available at our Gatehouse. Dates not listed below are currently unavailable. 
That said, because the covid-19 epidemic remains a general concern for all, we are consequently discouraging all guests from travelling into our area. To date our region of the West Kootenays has had very few  confirmed cases of covid-19. We hope that can remain true for all local residents and future visitors.

We do encourage you to enquire directly, by phone or via our contact page, for confirmation of the availability of the nights you might wish to reserve, and, for the answers to any other questions you may have.

APRIL 2020:
All nights in April are currently removed from availability

MAY 2020:
Most nights in late May are still available if and after covid-19 travel restrictions ease

JUNE 2020:
All nights in June, except for Tuesday June 30th, are tentatively still available this month.

JULY 2020:
All remaining nights, starting on Tuesday July 7th, are tentatively still available this month.

AUGUST 2020:
All nights in August are still available.

All nights in September are still available.

All nights in October are still available.

All nights in November are still available.

All nights in December are still available.