Rental Rates for 2021
(For payments in $U.S., current rates are ~ 0.89 x $Can.)

RATES differ depending on the Season: Peak, Shoulder, or Winter

PEAK SEASON rates apply from June 18th through September 5th.
SHOULDER SEASON rates apply between April 30th and June 17th, and between September 6th and October 31st. 
 Shoulder Season rates, plus a 3-night minimum stay, also apply during
………The US holiday weekend February 12th to February 15th.
………Easter holiday weekend April first to April 5th.
………American Thanksgiving holiday November 24th to November 28th.
………Christmas Week holiday December 22nd to December 31st.
WINTER SEASON rates apply to all other dates between November 1st and April 29th.

PEAK SEASON RATES have for two years been $135 (Canadian) per night and $855 per week. However, if Covid-19 infection continues to be a significant risk in the summer of 2021 then Peak Season rates (only) will be raised by about 5% to allow for the extra time between guests required to air and sanitize for subsequent bookings. Final Rates for Peak Season will be confirmed in earliest June. For now we assume these Peak Season rates will stay unchanged.
……During our PEAK Season, normally a 5 night minimum stay is required.
……(But see the exception noted under “Reservations” on our Home Page.)

SHOULDER SEASON RATES are $115 per night and $725 per week.
……During the four holiday periods a 3-night minimum stay is required.
……All other dates during Shoulder and Winter seasons have a 2 night minimum requirement.

WINTER SEASON RATES are $107 per night and $670 per week.

Stays of more than one week are charged at one-seventh of the weekly rate per night.
Stays of only 2 nights (our minimum) are an additional $10 per night (or $15, Peak Season) if either a Friday night or Saturday night is included.

NO additional GST or Room Taxes are added to rates at the Gatehouse.
However a charge of $65 is added as a cost for CLEANING and SET-UP after your departure.

(Including the Cleaning fee)

LENGTH OF STAY: (in nights)
Season   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 10  11
Winter $279 $386 $493 $600 $707 $735 $831 $926 $1,022  $1,118
Shoulder $295 $410 $525 $640 $755 $790 $894 $997 $1,101  $1,204
Peak $335 $470 $605 $740 $875 $920 $1,042 $1,164 $1,286  $1,409