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This is your portal to The Retirements Blog, to information about J. B. Gilmore’s books, and to information about the Gatehouse-on-the-Point rental cottage.

This retirement blog had its early beginnings in a series of reflections on retirements, reflections that culminated in the publishing of my book: On Retirements. As a developmental psychologist I had long been struck by how significantly our recognition of our own aging can change our views of the world, and, in particular, change our views about retirement, aging, and death.

Retirement makes us beginners, yet again; it makes us students of how one might navigate a life with new restrictions and new freedoms. It brings us new challenges and the need for new information and new skills. Retirement can also be a time for giving back and giving away. That is part of what retirement has become for me. And this blog is one forum for doing some of just that: giving back and giving away.